Privacy Statement

New York Logger Training, Inc.
Participant Privacy Policy
Adopted: 11/26/02

New York Logger Training, Inc. collects training information on individuals that attend workshops conducted by NYLT and for participants of NYLT Trained Logger Certification (TLC) Program. The primary objective of collecting the training information is for the benefit and use of the participant and/ or their employers.

The following is a sample of the information that is collected and maintained in the NYLT database: Participant name, mailing address, social security number (only used to correctly identify individual to properly record training credits), attendance dates of core program courses, attendance and expiration dates of First Aid and CPR training, attendance dates and course names of continuing education training, TLC certification and re-certification issue dates.

Participants who complete the Trained Logger Certification program and or the re-certification process receive certificates and TLC cards to prove their training status. TLC recipients are also recognized through NYLT publications. Any individual can request not to be recognized by NYLT through this publication or by other means.

It is the policy of New York Logger Training, Inc. not to distribute or publicize individual participant contact information including address and phone number unless authorized. In addition, Social Security numbers are never released from the NYLT database.