Fall 2023 Workshop Schedule Available

To see a list of the scheduled classes, please follow this link.  

Change in Administrative Fee

On February 18, 2021, the New York Logger Training Board of Directors had voted to increase the administrative filing fee for out of program workshop credit reporting for non-ESFPA members from $20 to $25.  Although this change was paused during the continuation of the Covid-19 Pademic, the board voted again on December 20, 2021 to reinstate this policy.

Online Registration

All NYLT Users, if they have registered and have a password, are able to register ON LINE for workshops..  If you do not yet have your log in registered, please follow the instructions on the home page to REQUEST ACCESS.  Once we have verified your registration, you will be notified via email and will be able to proceed with an on line registration!

Rare Threatened and Endangered Species BMP Guide

Mar 24 2020

Available for you to download and review, please find the Rare Threatened and Endagnered Species BMP Guide.

Directions for Available Pre-Approved On Line Credits For NYLT

Oct 17 2019

New York Logger Training, Inc. is pleased to provide convenient and interesting on-line webinars which provide credits for loggers seeking thier recertification at any level.  NYLT periodically updates our offerings of pre-approved available on line credits so if you're in need of some credits, take a look!

 In order to take advantage of these workshops, follow these easy steps:

1. Know your NYLT Logger ID.  If you don't know this number, please contact NYLT at (518) 463-1297 or email Dorian at

2. Follow this link.  

3. From there you will  see a list of webinars, their discriptions and length of time.  1.5 hour courses are valued at .25 NYLT CE credit.  2 hour plus courses are valued at .5 NYLT CE credits be lead through a series of prompts to complete the process. 

4. Once completed, records will be sent directly to NYLT, on a monthly basis.  If a logger desires, they can forward the certificate they recieve via emails at the completion of the workshop to NYLT for immediate credit.